15 years ago, a brave and rebel project was born – NECO company

15 years in the flow!

NECO is a project created on the passion and energy of its founders: Yulia Chernova and Elena Kalyakina - Russian engineer and manager; Jean-Marie Sevart - a Belgian engineer and creator of metrological equipment, president of FLOW-TRONIC.

At the headspring of the project was the idea to introduce to the Russian market a rare method of measuring water flow - non-contact. And with a new type of flow meter - the RAVEN-EYE®, radar flow meter, now, of course, iconic.

One of the first clients to respond to the charisma and uniqueness of the new metrological solution was Vodokanal of St. Petersburg, which has always been at the forefront of innovation and experimentation.
The first measurements and the first pilots were carried out with a team of metrologists and the Measurement Center at Vodokanal of St. Petersburg sites
Further, Vodokanal of Omsk is the first buyer of the FLOW-TRONIC radar flow meter in Russia!

Then years of difficult but passionate work: pilots, improving the device and its operation in all kinds of conditions, both industrial and climatic; introducing and training engineers to work with a new measurement method; certification of devices and, of course, development of a unique and only standard in Russia for verification of non-contact radar flow meters based on VNIIM named after. Mendeleev.
Every project is a new challenge, every object is unique, every client is special!

Of course, it's not a matter of method...

... which has now become very popular in Russia. And not only that, but the RAVEN-EYE is still the best flow meter in its class, and the TORPEE-MAG electromagnetic flow meter confidently measures zero velocity.
It's about people, their hunger for new knowledge, insistence and rebelliousness, and true faith in what we do. This is what and who fills NECO
Thanks to every employee who has worked with us over these 15 years, to everyone who trusted and was carried away with their hearts, to every client who was not afraid to learn new, implemented it and came back again for the new one.

Of course, it's difficult to convey with all these words the entire journey we've lived, but we really wanted to try.

Thanks to our team:
  • Olga Chernova - for professional perfectionism and the best projects of metering units!
  • Denis Strebkov - for his bright mind and engineering charisma!
  • Elena Zheltova - for personal courage and harmonious work processes!
  • Nikita Lyubtsev - for his persistent growth and that he makes us feel supported!
  • Olga Yakovleva - for stringency and unique view of business!
  • Sergei Puga - for valor and great love of life!
We still have our reliable partners with us who make our lives better:
  • Auditing company "Soprovozhdenie" and its director Maxim Kryukovsky
  • Advertising agency "Business Design" and the amazing Irina and Maya
  • IT support from the IhelpIT team
Heartfelt delight from how many amazing people are with us. Let it stay like this for a long time...

Yulia Chernova and Ekaterina Tretyachenko